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Platform of
Advocacy Marketing.

Helps you create a Brand Lovers community for your brand, in order to amplify their messages to increase sales and the reputation of companies.


Brand Lovers are customers who always choose the same brand when buying a product from a specific category.

Brand Lovers with technology
they are the perfect balance.


How do we do it?

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Brands need loyal consumers, who speak well of them and who recommend their products. 

Every digital marketing 3.0 strategy must include a space for Brand Lovers, since their presence is known to add exponential value to the brand.


Brand Lovers are validators of the product, its attributes and are also customers who have made a REBUY, which makes your content look organic. The key to amplify the different Brand Lovers campaigns is to use technology, such as the one offered by the ADVOCATESPRO by FLUVIP platform in Latin America

Artificial intelligence

What is it for?

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Advocates Pro has been a fundamental tool to promote our corporate messages on social networks, increasingly increasing the membership of our collaborators by turning them into ambassadors of the Tigo brand.

Jose Hurtado
Growth Lead Manager

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Claudia Saavedra

ADPRO Sales Manager


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